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I stared this blog at 32, so I'm 34 now and I didn't stick to the weight loss goals. I gained everything back. Well enough is enough! Started again and this time i am sticking to it no matter what. I did it once and the proof is here. No more excuses it can be done and it will be done!
I will be keeping track of my weight loss progress. Everything I will post will be positive If the post did not start of positive it will definitely end positive.


Yes!276.4 lbs I reached my fist goal weight!

— 2 years ago
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Week #1 Workout Complete!


Awesome! finished with my first week of working out!  Worked out or went walking or both 6 days out of the week. Didn’t move much yesterday and didn’t like the feeling. So i worked out today and will go walking tonight.

— 2 years ago
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Workout Week #1 Day 7
Did my my beginner workout today, I started at just 15 min each time i worked out Have now extended to 22 min can’t wait until this work out starts becoming to easy.
— 2 years ago
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Had a salad and a light Turkey sandwich for lunch today.

Had a salad and a light Turkey sandwich for lunch today.

— 2 years ago with 1 note
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